Member Notice – Application of Fire Permit

Member Notice – Application of Fire Permit and Instruction & Workplace Health & Safety – Cane & Trash Blanket Burning Information 

A reminder to all members of the need to complete their annual “Application For Permit To Light Fire” prior to season commencement. Application form and explanatory notes are attached.

Application for a ‘Permit to Light Fire’ is made through your local fire warden. If unsure of your fire warden contact details they can be located via the “Fire Warden Finder” by using the following link After receipt of your application the fire warden may impose conditions on a permit to reduce unwanted risk or nuisance to other people, property or to the environment. The fire warden may refuse to issue a permit if they believe that appropriate safety measures cannot be reasonably achieved.

It is also a timely reminder of the importance of providing a safe working environment on farms not only for growers but contractors and employees alike. Have also taken the opportunity to repost guidelines developed by KCGO to assist growers/contractors when undertaking cane and trash blanket burning. We would encourage members to utilise guidelines, as having in place a set of documentary procedures would be advantageous in any legal defence should someone be maimed or worse, whilst undertaking this task on your farm and results in action taken for a breach of WH & S legislation.

At the end of the day no one wants to experience or be involved in a workplace incident or injury but nevertheless no one can afford to ignore safe work practices.

So let’s all stay safe in 2019

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