BPS Shed Meetings

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Dear Member,

BPS and Farmacist will be holding shed meetings starting next Friday 28^th October.

Topics covered include:
· Variety trial results and variety specific management
· Irrigation management and scheduling tools
· Fallow cropping and fallow management
· Herbicides
· Nitrogen management

2016 Oct/Nov Shed Meetings

Date Time Group Venue
Fri 28th Oct 8:30 Rita Island SES Shed

Mon 31st Oct 8:30 Airdmillan/Burstalls N Formalin
Tue 1st Nov 8:30 Aerodrome/Colevale/Town/Pioneer Mill B Lago
Wed 2nd Nov 8:30 Airville/Dicks Bank/MsDesme BPS Shed
Wed 2nd Nov 1:00 Jarvisfield/Kilrie Quartermaine
Thurs 3rd Nov 8:30 Jardine/Mona Park/Barratta L Smith
Fri 4th Nov 8:30 Liechhardt P Brotto
Fri 4th Nov 1:00 Waterview/Sextons E Pearce

Mon 7th Nov 8:30 Osbourne/Causeway/Iona R Piva
Mon 7th Nov 1:00 Down River/Ramsdens N Pitris
Tue 8th Nov 8:30 Inkerman/Fredericksfield/Koolkuna G MacElroy
Tue 8th Nov 1:00 Darvenezia/Groper Creek/Marshalls B Santarossa

Mon 14th Nov 8:30 Millaroo/Dalbeg W Ferguson
Tue 15th Nov 8:30 Giru/Shirbourne D Poletto
Tue 15th Nov 1:00 Clare/Mulgrave Clare Club
Wed 16th Nov 8:30 Selkirk/Haughton/Bartlett/Upper Haughton SISL

Thank you