QSL Collective Update 04/05/21

  • QSL April Guaranteed Floor Pool: The April Guaranteed Floor Pool (GFP) closed for nomination on Friday 30 April. The final floor price for the April GFP is $457 AUD/tonne actual. In addition to the guaranteed floor price achieved, pool participants also receive 50% of any ICE 11 pricing above the pool’s strike price ($467 AUD/tonne actual) during the season.
  • Market rally prompts pricing surge: 2021-Season prices reached new highs last week, with QSL growers achieving up to $490/tonne actual gross in the Target Price Contract (TPC) and $500/tonne actual gross in the Individual Futures Contract (IFC) against the July 2021 contract. Growers using these pricing options and the Self-Managed Harvest Contract (SMHC) are reminded they still have until next year (2022) to finish pricing their nominated 2021-Season tonnage in these products, with rolling extending the period available to achieve their orders (costs may apply). Rolling is automatic in the Target Price Contract, but is a new option for the IFC and SMHC from this season. For more information about these products and how rolling is used within them, please click the links below:

QSL Grower Representative Member Election

QSL Grower Representative Member Election – Burdekin Region

Due to the number of nominations tendered to fill the four Burdekin representative positions for the coming 3 year term, QSL is required to undertake a vote.
Growers can download 2020 Voting Pack by link included in QSL media release. Have also taken the opportunity of attaching a copy of voting paper or alternatively hard copies will also be available through KCGO office.
Fully completed and signed voting papers must be lodged with QSL Company Secretary by no later than 5.00pm, Friday 17th July 2020.

Your board director, Mr Denis Pozzebon, is one of the nominees and we encourage members to show their support when casting your vote.

Any growers who require assistance please do not hesitate to contact this office.

Les Elphinstone
Manager KCGO

QSL Media Release – Grower Member Elections 

thumbnail of QSL Media Release – Grower Member Election – 30 June 2020

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QSL Voting Form & Information

thumbnail of 2020 Voting Form_Burdekin Region

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