Case IH Step Up – Sugarcane Conference – 9/10 February 2021

Case IH steps up again as major sponsor of sugarcane conference

Next Gen StepUP!

Sugarcane industry representatives will gather in Bundaberg in February 2021 for a major conference focused on the latest innovations, technology and research to help cane farmers maximise their opportunities for ongoing success into the future.

The Case IH Step UP! Conference will be held in Bundaberg from February 9 to 10, 2021, with a line-up of guest speakers and field trips for participants. The conference will culminate in a gala dinner at the Kalki Moon Distillery.

Any interested members wanting to attend can register by clicking here.

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Daily Sugar Price

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

The March 2021 contract settled at:  16.10 US c/lb

The Australian Dollar currently trades at:  77.05 US cents

Forward indicative prices in Australian dollars are:

* $455 for Mar Contract – 2020 season

$459 for 2020 season

$411 for 2021 season

$371 for 2022 season

$354 for 2023 season

The 2020 Target Price Contract reflects a whole-of-season weighted average in a 5:1 ratio across the remaining two contracts.

For Growers who have chosen to roll 2020 – Season exposure, QSL will gross up their target price to be inclusive of roll costs incurred currently $9.43

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Information sourced from QSL