Wilmar Daily Loading Advice

Loading Advice Monday, 19th July 2021

INVICTA – 20 280

KALAMIA – 8 414

PIONEER – 13 271

INKERMAN – 7 945

TOTAL – 48 438



Good morning all,

Inkerman experienced some issues overnight and is currently stopped from a bagasse system choke. They are still investigating but a rake of very high fibre with high mud levels choked #1A mill and stalled the pressure feeders last night which took about 4 hours to clear. This then may have led to poor quality feed to the boiler which contributed to the stop early this morning. Planned restart is by 10am today

Invicta  recovered well from their stop yesterday. Loading is down a bit due to the late zero hour

Kalamia and Pioneer are crushing well. Kalamia loading is down today to pull up at 3am for the clean



Kind regards,

John Tait

Cane Supply Manager