The latest news from Lower Burdekin Water


Dear Irrigators

Please find following the latest news as well as information around upcoming events:

LBW Board of Directors – Change in Board Composition

In January 2020, the Qld Government amended the board compositions of all Category Two Water Authorities within Queensland.  As a result, LBW’s composition was amended by the Qld Government and now simply reads seven directors.  Changes were also made to the Water Act 2000 (Water Act) in relation to the way directors are nominated and appointed to the Board of a Water Authority.  All previous references to elections have been removed from regulation and government approved procedures.

The Water Act specifies that the board of a water authority is responsible for the way in which the authority performs its functions and exercises its powers.  The board of Lower Burdekin Water may determine the director nomination process and the composition of the board. The appointment of suitable candidates remains subject to ministerial approval.

After considering the Qld Government amendments, the Board is proposing to amend its internal Governance Policy to continue with the current Board composition of four LBW ratepayer nominated Directors, two miller nominated Directors and one community Director nominated by Burdekin Shire Council. The Board proposes to remove the requirement to have two ratepayer nominated directors from each of the two divisions and simply replace it with a requirement to have four Directors nominated by and from LBW ratepayers.  This change to the composition of the Board will better enable LBW to present eligible nominees to the Minister for consideration, and appointment of Director positions with suitable candidates, whilst maintaining strong connections and direct links with its ratepayers.

Further information regarding these changes will be communicated to ratepayers over the coming months.  Should you wish to discuss any of the amendments made by the Qld Government, please contact the Chairman or Executive Officer.

Shadow Minister for Water visits LBW

Last month, Dale Last, Member for Burdekin, invited three representatives from both LBW and the Burdekin River Irrigators Advisory Committee, to meet with Shadow Minister for Water, Deb Frecklington, and Shadow Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Sam O’Connor. LBW took the opportunity to discuss regional opportunities and challenges with the Shadow Ministers during their visit to the Burdekin.

Upcoming capital works

Castelanelli’s Gate Fishway which is located along Sheepstation Creek is scheduled for completion during the annual maintenance shutdown period.  The timing of the annual shutdown is dependent upon SunWater’s annual shutdown and will be communicated to ratepayers once SunWater announces a start date and anticipated duration of the shutdown.

The installation of a new automated gate, culvert and fishway at the Plantation Creek spillway will be performed in April due to the location of a Wilmar Sugar tramline. Wilmar Sugar have requested the works be completed prior to the commencement of the 2021 crushing season. Therefore, it is anticipated that there will be a planned shutdown commencing Tuesday 6th April to and including Friday 30th April. Open water users that will be impacted by this shutdown will receive notifications via SMS. Please ensure we have your mobile phone number to enable us to keep you informed.

Reef water quality report card shows encouraging progress 

The Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan 2017-2022 seeks to improve the quality of water flowing from the catchments adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef. The plan builds on previous water quality plans by setting separate targets for reducing water pollution from each catchment to enable better prioritisation of actions. The report card captures the results of landholders’ efforts to invest time and resources in programs, supported by government, that are designed to deliver productivity, profitability and water quality benefits. The report card can be viewed at:

New employee at LBW

Ashley Chatfield recently commenced in the role of Operations Maintenance Office at LBW. Ashley’s role includes coordination an execution of maintenance activities as well as other operational duties such as reading meters and water distribution.

New Certified Meter Installers at LBW

LBW operational team members, Glenn, Clive and Keegan, recently completed a three day Certified Meter Validation and Installation Course. Components of the course include application of environmental and licensing procedures of the water industry and ensuring Workplace Health and Safety processes. As business owners yourselves, WHS responsibilities extend to your own farming practices.  These responsibilities include providing safe access to your pump and flow meters. Please take some time to ensure meter readers have safe access to your flow meter.

Annual Report

LBW’s 2019-20 Annual Report and Qld Audit Office stamped Financial Statements are available to view on LBW’s website in the documents section:

Plant and machinery

LBW is currently in the process of purchasing the following:

  • Replacement of Southern Division 20T excavator
  • Replacement of Southern Division Front-End Loader with Backhoe
  • Replacement of 3 Field Vehicles across both Divisions

Annual LBW Ratepayer Shed Meetings

LBW will be holding shed meetings in May this year. There will be one meeting held in each Division. If you have any issues or questions you would like addressed or tabled for discussion at the meeting, please let us know.

Burdekin Falls Dam Raising Project and Urannah Dam Project

Lower Burdekin Water provided a submission on the draft Terms of Reference for an Environmental Impact Statement for both the Burdekin Falls Dam Raising Project and the Urannah Project. More information on both projects can be found on State Developments website:

  • Burdekin Falls Dam

  • Urannah

Fiona Christie

Communications Officer