QSL Update to Collectives


  • 2021 Pricing Declaration Date: The 2021-Season Pricing Declaration Date is this Friday, 30 April 2021. This is the last day for growers to nominate to their chosen QSL pricing products for the 2021 Season. Any tonnes that remain unallocated after 30 April will default to the QSL Harvest Pool.
    To see the full list of available pricing options, please click here, or get in touch with your local QSL team.
  • April 2021 Guaranteed Floor Pool: Growers considering their 2021-Season pricing options are reminded that the April 2021 Guaranteed Floor Pool is accepting nominations until 30 April 2021. This QSL-managed pool gives growers the best of both worlds, providing a guaranteed minimum return, known as the floor, with the potential for additional returns should prices increase during the course of the season. While the floor price is set after nominations close, QSL publishes indicative floor prices during the nomination period. You can find these on the daily QSL Pricing email, as well as the Market Snapshot featured on our website (www.qsl.com.au).
    The latest indicative floor price for this pool is $454/tonne actual (gross) as of 26 April 2021. Should the last indicative floor price be more than $10 lower than the one eventually achieved after nominations close, the pool will be cancelled and growers can move their nominated tonnage to another QSL pricing option.
    For more information about this pool, please click here.
  • Q3 reports now available: QSL Direct Growers: You can now find your quarterly report (Q3) in your QSL Direct account under the ‘Financial Reports’ tab for the 2020 Season.
    These reports have also been distributed in the same manner you usually receive your ledger reports and statements. For further information regarding your quarterly report or for assistance with your QSL statements, please don’t hesitate to contact your local QSL representatives (listed at the bottom of this email) or call 1800 870 756.

If members have any questions in regards to the above, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with:

  • Russell Campbell –  Grower Relationship Manager – 0408 248 385
  • Kristen Paterson –  Grower Relationship Officer– 0438 470 235
  • Rebecca Love – Grower Relationship Officer – 0429 054 330 (Mon-Wed)

Current as at 26 April 2021


Kristen Paterson
Grower Relationship Officer

Grower Services
Direct +61 7 4760 4401  Mobile +61 438 470 235

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