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Dear Kalamia Members,

IMPORTANT – BDCG Bargaining Authority

On the basis of additional advice received yesterday from the BDCG solicitor, I advise that members who have signed a Wilmar contract are not able to nominate a Bargaining Representative to support BDCG in Arbitration..

This is because it has now been interpreted that the determination by the Arbitrator has the effect of binding the parties to that determination and does not actually require the separate signing by growers of the contract for it to have effect.

Consequently if you had already signed a Wilmar contract and a BDCG Bargaining authority this would mean you were being bound to both contracts which clearly cannot happen.

This is quite different from how the contract was formed in the past where the grower was only bound after signing the form of agreement that had been negotiated by the collective.



BPS Shed Meetings

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Dear Member,

BPS and Farmacist will be holding shed meetings starting next Friday 28^th October.

Topics covered include:
· Variety trial results and variety specific management
· Irrigation management and scheduling tools
· Fallow cropping and fallow management
· Herbicides
· Nitrogen management

2016 Oct/Nov Shed Meetings

Date Time Group Venue
Fri 28th Oct 8:30 Rita Island SES Shed

Mon 31st Oct 8:30 Airdmillan/Burstalls N Formalin
Tue 1st Nov 8:30 Aerodrome/Colevale/Town/Pioneer Mill B Lago
Wed 2nd Nov 8:30 Airville/Dicks Bank/MsDesme BPS Shed
Wed 2nd Nov 1:00 Jarvisfield/Kilrie Quartermaine
Thurs 3rd Nov 8:30 Jardine/Mona Park/Barratta L Smith
Fri 4th Nov 8:30 Liechhardt P Brotto
Fri 4th Nov 1:00 Waterview/Sextons E Pearce

Mon 7th Nov 8:30 Osbourne/Causeway/Iona R Piva
Mon 7th Nov 1:00 Down River/Ramsdens N Pitris
Tue 8th Nov 8:30 Inkerman/Fredericksfield/Koolkuna G MacElroy
Tue 8th Nov 1:00 Darvenezia/Groper Creek/Marshalls B Santarossa

Mon 14th Nov 8:30 Millaroo/Dalbeg W Ferguson
Tue 15th Nov 8:30 Giru/Shirbourne D Poletto
Tue 15th Nov 1:00 Clare/Mulgrave Clare Club
Wed 16th Nov 8:30 Selkirk/Haughton/Bartlett/Upper Haughton SISL

Thank you


WILMAR – Production Figures – Week 19

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Dear Kalamia Members,

Please click on link below to view the Production Figures for Week 19.



Grower Meeting – Main Roads Dept – Oversized Ag Vehicles

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Dear Kalamia Members,

Grower Meeting with Transport and Main Roads Officials re New Zoning System for Movement of Oversized Ag Vehicles and Combinations

* Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and Queensland Police from Brisbane will be in attendance to present the latest access for agricultural vehicles and combinations over 3.5m width.
* The meeting will introduce the requirements for two new National Notices for agricultural machinery movement and will be useful in terms of understanding the conditions and associated compliance requirements.
* TMR and Police will also invite their appropriate local representatives.

Date: Tuesday 25^th October 2016
Venue: Canegrowers Hall
68 Tenth Street
Home Hill
Time: 9.00am