Water Quality Projects Information Meeting


BRIA Irrigators, Farmacist and SRA are having a water quality projects information meeting, which will be held 9am Thursday 21st November 2019 at the Clare Club. Invitation is extended to KCGO members who may be interested in attending.

Presenters will include project partners BBIFMAC and BPS, and the presentations will provide updates on the three projects funded by the GBR Foundation and other projects currently in progress.

Les Elphinstone
Manager KCGO

Daily Sugar Price – 14th November 2019

Thursday, 14 November 2019

The July 2019 contract settled at: 12.85 US c/lb

The Australian Dollar currently trades at: 68.38 US cents

Forward indicative prices in Australian dollars are:

*$411 for March Contract – 2019 season

$411 for 2019 season

$427 for 2020 season

$440 for 2021 season

$440 for 2022 season

(The 2019 Target Price Contract reflects a whole-of-season weighted average in a 5:1 ratio across the remaining contracts.

For Growers who have chosen to roll 2019 – Season exposure, QSL will gross up their target price to be inclusive of roll costs incurred currently $17.98.)

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Information sourced from QSL.