Smart Farms Small Grants – Round 3


The Australian Government is inviting applications for projects to deliver services under the National Landcare Program – Smart Farms Small Grants Round 3.
Smart Farms Small Grants is an open, competitive, grant opportunity to support projects to increase farming, forestry and fishing communities’ awareness, knowledge, skills and capacity to adopt best practice sustainable agriculture.
The purpose of Smart Farms Small Grants is to support land manager practice change that will deliver more sustainable, productive and profitable food, fibre and forestry business while protecting Australia’s biodiversity; protecting and improving the condition of natural resources; and assisting Australia meet its international obligations.
The purpose will be achieved by supporting projects that contribute to achieving one or both of the program outcomes outlined below:
• Outcome 1 – Increased adoption of best practice sustainable agriculture
• Outcome 2 – Increase the capacity of land managers to adopt best practice sustainable agriculture
A total of $43.5 million (GST exclusive) is available for Smart Farms Small Grants across an anticipated six annual rounds (2017–18 to 2022–23).
• The first round opened for applications in October 2017 from which the then Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources approved 77 projects.
• The second round opened 13 November 2018 and the then Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources approved 110 projects.
• This grant opportunity is the third round.
To be eligible to apply for a grant you must be an individual or an organisation capable of entering into a legally binding and enforceable agreement with the Commonwealth. To be eligible you must be one of the following entity types:
• Commonwealth Company
• Company
• Cooperative
• Corporate Commonwealth Entity
• Corporate State or Territory Entity
• Incorporated Association
• Indigenous Corporation
• International Entity
• Local Government
• Non-corporate State or Territory Entity
• Non-corporate State or Territory Statutory Authority
• Partnership
• Person
• Sole Trader
• Statutory Entity
• Trustee on behalf of a Trust.
Applications from consortia are eligible, as long as you have a lead applicant who is solely accountable to the Commonwealth for the delivery of grant activities and who is an eligible entity as per the list above. Eligible organisations can form a consortium with ineligible organisations.
Grant Opportunity Guidelines are attached for anyone interested in applying. read more

Daily Sugar Price

Friday, 1 November 2019

The July 2019 contract settled at: 12.48 US c/lb

The Australian Dollar currently trades at: 68.94 US cents

Forward indicative prices in Australian dollars are:

*$396 for March Contract – 2019 season

$396 for 2019 season

$416 for 2020 season

$436 for 2021 season

$436 for 2022 season

(The 2019 Target Price Contract reflects a whole-of-season weighted average in a 5:1 ratio across the remaining contracts.

For Growers who have chosen to roll 2019 – Season exposure, QSL will gross up their target price to be inclusive of roll costs incurred currently $17.98.)

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